I use HTMA testing to look at your unique BioChemistry. This testing gives an overview of your mineral status, the balance between these minerals and also tests for heavy metal toxicity. When working with clients with chronic illness this HTMA test used alongside other clinical pathology testing helps to gain a deeper understand into your health.

Understanding the balance between minerals and how this affects your health is the cornerstone to Nutritional Medicine. I will help you to understand how to improve your health through diet, nutritional supplements (where deficiencies are the greatest), herbal medicine and lifestyle changes.

HTMA Testing

The HTMA is a Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis. A sample of your hair is cut and sent to the laboratory for analysis, a report of you hair sample is completed within 4 weeks. I will then go through this comprehensive analysis report with you, alongside any other testing and develop a treatment plan.

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Hair Analysis to find foods compatible with your body

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