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In addition to naturopathy, I also use iridology analysis to gain a deeper understanding of your health constitution. I believe Iridology is the window to your health.

What does this mean?

We all have inherited a particular constitution from our family line. We have underlying weaknesses and strengths in different areas of our bodies, and this can affect our overall health. Iridology looks at the iris constitution and can indicate where these weakness and strengths are. This knowledge can help to identify health areas that need extra support through lifestyle changes, nutritional support, diet changes and more.

Iridology analysis is used as a support modality in the naturopathic care and treatment program that is uniquely developed for you. Through the use of a specialised iridology camera I take a photo of the iris of both eyes. These photos are then displayed on a computer screen so you can have a close up look. While you are looking at your photos I will explain to you, the areas of the iris and what they indicate.

A comprehensive iridology analysis report, with photos of your eyes displayed in a folder, is available at an extra cost.